Why Kick>Start?
My focus is your focus, which means helping you achieve and deliver on measurable change. Whether you want to get fitter, want to learn how to run correctly, want to increase muscle, shed a few centimetres, stretch accurately and correctly or complete your first  10k, 15k or triathlon – I can help.

  • Run (technique and biomechanical) analysis
  • Walk to run programs – base building program
  • Weight loss and cardiovascular improvement
  • Outdoor /indoor training programs
  • Endurance programs (half-marathon, marathon, triathlon)
  • Targeted strength/resistance conditioning
  • Young athlete development programs
  • Recreational running – support and guidance
  • Corrective exercise – injury management

What makes Kick>Start different?
I coach, I run, I train and I invest in ongoing learning and development and the latest techniques and research. I’ve learnt (and continue to learn) from the best.  I develop  a personalised program and coaching calendar that suits and reviews your progress weekly.

True – countless other fitness studios and gyms out there claim to offer the very same thing. However,  this is different – it’s about having fun along the journey; choosing what’s right to match your lifestyle and helping you get to wherever you want to get to.


What they’re saying

“I engaged Stuart to help me after I discovered I was getting very sore during fencing training. With a comp coming up (and 40 not far away, argh), I wanted to be as prepared as possible! Stuart’s training was extremely targeted and thorough – he researched and supplied notes on all the different muscle groups involved in fencing, and went through every one several times to make sure I was doing the correct movement. I discovered that I was probably doing the most superficial stretching – before and after – my training. With Stuart’s warm-ups I’ve found I’m far more prepared for intense exercise, and have much more energy and stamina to cope with fencing.

I’d recommend anyone to call up Kick Start to help them out with their training or fitness issues. Stuart is a friendly, highly professional fitness trainer with a lot of knowledge.” Rebecca (sport: Fencing).

“Stuart was recommended to me because of his keen interest in injury rehabilitation. Having just fractured my radial head in a bike accident, I needed someone with the knowledge and patience to slowly bring my arm back to a full range of movement. Stuart’s workouts are well planned and while the initial focus remained on my injury, he constantly adjusted and tailored the workout routines to both build strength in my arm, and challenge my fitness levels at the same time.

He is incredibly thorough, maintains regular contact between sessions and also provides additional exercise tips outside of session times, ensuring I felt completely looked after during my rehab. His work has been integral in the overall recovery of my arm and I highly recommend him as a trainer. The genuine care he has for his clients’ well-being is really evident.” Veronica (focus: improve range of motion (ROM) for fractured radial head)